Meshack Lufile

Volledige naam : Meshack Lufile
Geboortedatum : 21 oktober 1992
Nummer : 12
Positie : C
Lengte : 203 cm
Vorige club : Brenton University
Nationaliteit :

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My name is Meshack Lufile and I am from Burlington, Ontario, I currently play for Aris Leeuwarden. A little background on me is I started playing basketball seriously in grade 10 and never played a real game until my senior year of high school. I played for a preparation program called REDA (Regional elite development academy) and they helped me become the basketball player I am today! I graduated at Cape Breton university in Sydney nova Scotia in my bachelor of arts and community studies. I am also a christian and a man of faith. Apart from playing basketball I like to watch the NBA, my favorite player is Dwight Howard he now plays for the Atlanta hawks. On my spare time I like to read books and when I can I like to read the bible and learn new things online. I also pray a lot during the day as it is very important to me.

This upcoming season I expect a championship, nothing less! I believe we have the team to do it, it’s just about us being focused and locked in "TOGETHER" to achieve this goal. We have solid pieces and a family atmosphere on the team, everybody gets along really well so that is important for chemistry. The only team that can beat us is ourselves. Hope to make the people of leeuwarden proud fans. Individually for myself I just want to be the best player and teammate I can, to help my team win. Scoring is not the only way to contribute to a basketball game, coach Klaas makes us work on our defense a lot! So defense is important to us and defense wins championships. If god blesses me with an amazing season with reward then so be it, but those things are bonus, winning is most important.

Thank you very much! Meshack Lufile


P.S: Some other facts are: I have 3 brothers, all above 6'6 and also my mom is 6'1. My dad is a pastor in the church and my oldest brother plays in Germany pro a basketball.


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