Denton Frazier Koon

Volledige naam : Denton Frazier Koon
Geboortedatum : 23 mei 1992
Nummer : 7
Positie : F
Lengte : 203 cm
Vorige club : Hofstra University
Nationaliteit :

My name is Denton Koon and I am 24 years old. I am originally from Kansas City, Missouri in the United States and I have been playing basketball since I was a very young kid. I played most of my college career at Princeton University in New Jersey while studying economics before playing my final season as a graduate student at Hofstra University just east of New York City. I am elated for the opportunity to be in Leeuwarden, and look forward to any chance to learn more about the local culture and lifestyle during my time here. I have already enjoyed my experiences in the downtown area and have been impressed by the vast agricultural land that fills in the space between many Dutch cities.  Throughout my athletic and academic career I have always been a person who is always looking toward the next thing ahead and the possibilities for my future. But, as of late, I am focusing more on enjoying everything life has to offer in the here and now and it has made my initial time in the Netherlands some of my best moments in life thus far.

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